Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight.

Just when I think I have this whole healthy living thing down, a weekend like this past one hits like a freight train.

Friday started off with a positive; ordering the green salad with chicken when I really wanted the fajita’s (in theory, not a bad idea, but given the portion size of pub food, could have ended in disaster) at lunch.  So that night after some aimless walking to get more steps in, Eric and I stopped in at our favorite Sushi joint and dropped $50 on dinner for two.  I don’t know what got into me, given that I’d meant to only order 3 small rolls (cucumber, avocado, and California), but the yam tempura rolls and gomae seemed to slip in there way too naturally.  After devouring my rolls and a few of Eric’s as well, I wondered how I used to eat like this on the regular.IMG_20170602_194306_049

Saturday, I woke up and got my day started with banana peanut butter oats.  They always set the tone for my day and despite being a healthy and satisfying breakfast choice- continuously taste like some sort of desert to me.  Eric grabbed coffee for us while I started getting ready for the wedding we were headed out to that day.  Some casual washroom dancing and an epic liquid eyeliner fail later, we were ready to go.

After the ceremony, we had 4 hours to kill and landed ourselves at Boston Pizza, which would lead to my second go of bad decision making.  Given that I’m never really all that impressed with their pizza (more of a Panago gal myself), I was disappointed that I still took it upon myself to eat an entire half of a large.  Again, I wondered how I used to eat like this all the time (okay, if we’re being honest, in the old days I would have tackled that entire large by myself).

IMG_20170603_142221_783This decision hurt more than the night before because when we walked into the reception room, among the richest of the rich in Vancouver, looking out over this stunning view of the city, with the smell of everything amazing and tasty in the air… I wasn’t excited at all.

This 3-course meal was one to savor and enjoy, and instead I picked at it, gave some to Eric, and shifted uncomfortably, feeling overstuffed in my own body and wrapped ever so tightly dress.

Although Friday and Saturday were the hardest on my mindset and motivation, Sunday was without a doubt the hardest on my body.  It’s no surprise I was confused about how I used to live like this.  When I woke up that morning I wanted to unscrew my head from my body to stop the pounding (did I mention I may have overdone it on the wine the night before as well?) and promised myself I’d never eat a slice of pizza again (good one Leah).  My stomach was in knots, swollen, maxed out on sweets from desert the night before…. basically, just very unhappy with me.  How did I use to eat like this all the damn time?!


So, I start this week off extremely grateful for the lifestyle changes I’ve managed to make, and motivated that my old kinds of choices would no longer fly in this body.  While I was disappointed at my inability to listen to this body and say no to things I (perhaps) didn’t even want to consume, I’m happy with the fact that weekends like this are not a common occurrence.  All in all, the last few days have been a reminder that life happens, and really, we’re only human.  Oprah herself will stumble on this journey.  The fittest of the fit still struggle to make all the right choices.

The best part about falling down and feeling crappy about one’s self is the opportunity it presents to pick yourself back up, get back on track, and keep on going in this journey.

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