Fit Me Baby Tips to Success in Healthy Living

I get asked for tips all the time on how to lose weight, what to do in the gym, or how to stay motivated.  Everyone is looking for the secrets to weight loss.  The truth is, there isn’t too much secret to it.  You need to be focused, you have to want it, and you must be willing to work for it.  Once you get those 3 down, you’re unstoppable.

That being said, there are a few things I’ve figured out over my weight loss journey that took me some time, and may help someone else.  Here’s my Top 5 Tips for Successful Weight Loss:

Drink Water!

A goal I set for myself during the work week is 1 litre before lunch, 1 litre after lunch, and at least ½ a litre at night.  Staying hydrated makes such a difference in salt retention and just makes you feel good.


Believe me when I say that high intensity workouts at the gym are NOT the only way to lose weight.

Before I made it to my goal weight, I plateaued for a few solid weeks.  It wasn’t until I threw everything I thought I knew about fitness out the window and quit going to the gym for an entire week, and opted for walking instead, that I got back to losing.  Exercise is exercise.  Whether you’re out walking, trying out a Zumba class, or yes, getting to the gym- to me the most important part is that you’re not at home snacking.


Seeing success will make you want to be successful.
This goes for seeing movement on the scale, your clothes fitting loser, as well as the motivation you can get from others. One thing I did differently when I lost this weight was following people on Instagram with similar lifestyles I was trying to build.  Fitness enthusiasts, other people that had lost weight and changed their habits, healthy recipes, “Get a better booty” accounts… whatever I needed to keep my focus on simply being better.


It’s okay to eat simple meals. Do what works for you.
Despite with my fiancé will tell you, there’s nothing wrong with a sandwich and orange for dinner.  A smoothie and a few rice crisps leaves me just as satisfied as a chicken breast and side of roasted potatoes and beans.  I’ve found that simple meals are simply the easiest to keep track of.  If I make an omelette, it tends to take up most of my plate, and leaves little room for error in how much sauce, salt, and different ingredients are in there, and it’s very satisfying.  This may not work for everyone, you may need the dinner consisting of 3 small portions of this and of that, but as a creature of habit and someone who’s okay having my peanut butter banana oats every single day of the year- its one of the things that’s worked well for me.


Avoid restaurant food when you can.
I’m not saying never go out for a nice dinner, but what I am saying is that most restaurants don’t have great healthy options.  Salads are often the highest calorie items on the menu, pastas are quadruple the portion you want to be having (and let’s be honest, once it’s in front of you, you’re going to eat the whole portion instead of packing some up).  Avoiding the temptation of just grabbing lunch here, or stopping in for a quick bite there, and opting for packing your own healthy foods will give you way more control over what you consume.



Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor.  I’m not a professional.  These tips are based solely on my experience and may not work for everyone.  I’m a member of Weight Watcher’s brand ambassador program.  I am not paid for my participation.  I may receive exclusive brand access or prizes.  I instead choose to participate because of the impact Weight Watchers has had on me personally.  My opinions are entirely my own.

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