Fit My Lifestyle

I go back and forth on which seasons are easier to be healthier in.  Sure, Summer has great fresh fruits and sunshine that allows you to sweat throughout your day without even needing to workout (awesome).  But Winter (in Vancouver at least) gives you prime weather to not be outside, rather inside in a warm and dry gym, perhaps on an elliptical trainer or in front of the mirror with weights.  Winter foods for me looks like a lot of soups, grilled cheese sandwiches, and breakfasts for dinner (okay that last one occurs in all seasons).


The thing about me is that despite posting a few recipes on Fit Me Baby, other than my daily overnight oats, I don’t get all that creative with my food.  If I had more time perhaps (between work, school, the gym, wedding planning, maintaining somewhat of a social life, and spending at least some quality time with my fiancé) I’d be more inclined to open one of the three cookbooks I have, stashed away in the pantry, just waiting for someone to pull them out and get creative.  But like many people out there, my healthy lifestyle must fit within the parameters of a very busy life.

IMG_20170820_101225_549For me, it’s an easy choice.  I could spend an hour preparing a meal for Eric and myself, that we’ll probably enjoy but will ultimately be gone within twenty meals of that beauty coming out of the oven.  Or, I could use those spare 60 minutes in my day and get to the gym for a 20 minute jog and some free weights or body weight workouts.  Sure, I’ll be having another fried egg sandwich with tomato and fruit on the side, or the same old combination of cucumber and tomato with light feta and Greek dressing.  But for me (someone who doesn’t mind eating the same foods), I’ll take more from the workout than I will the healthy meal.

So, here’s how I look at a healthy lifestyle; whether it’s around now, when Summer seems to be winding down and you’re secretly looking forward to the time of year when everything is pumpkin flavored, or it’s mid Winter and you’re happy to be wearing those perfection leather boots again but are rather tired of feeling damp all the time- your healthy lifestyle needs to accommodate your environment.

You need to create a lifestyle that’s strict, yet flexible, that will keep you both challenged and motivated at all times of the year.  This aint no 5 Minute Diet to get you into that Summer Bod before you quickly slip back into your fat pants for the Winter.  The lifestyle you create should have you excited about your body at any time of year.  It should challenge you to pull out that cookbook every now and then, but give you options for those days when you simply don’t have the time.  Your lifestyle needs to feel like home when you return to it after a few days away.  It should reiterate to you that you’re in control, and the decisions you make regarding food and activity are ones you feel positive about.

So after reading a bit about my healthy lifestyle, what does yours look like to you?


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