IMG_20160127_203422I never dreamed about being healthy and fit, because it never felt obtainable to me.  I was content being the size 14/16 Fat Friend who exercised when she had to and ate whatever she wanted.  In the Summer of 2013 I decided to get back on a weight loss plan and see where it took me.

Along with my weight loss plan and many bumps along the road, I’ve come to find myself falling in love with fitness, clean eating, cooking, and sharing my story with others. 

I’m just an average girl working a 9-5 job who has lost over 60 lbs and has turned my ways of thinking and living upside down.  Fitness and healthy eating are now a way of life for me and I’ve never felt better.

I started this blog to motivate and encourage people who’s shoes I’ve walked in. 

I’ve looked in the mirror and been unhappy with who was looking back at me.  I’ve been the girl in the Fitting Room in tears because she’s stuck in a size 14 dress she was sure would fit.  I’ve been the fat friend, the fat sister, the girl nobody wanted.

I’ve been a lot of people in my 25+ years on this earth and I’m happy to announce that I’ve found the best version of me.  I realized I don’t need to be a size 2 to be beautiful or worth my own love.  I also found that loving yourself from within will bring changes on the outside.  I’ve found a truly happy and healthy version of myself who just wants to help others find the best version of themselves as well.

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  • You are truly inspiring me. I have just begun this journey away from my comfort zone of food so I will try to share my highs & lows with you all. My biggest fear is having people laugh at me when I go walking. With my new walking sticks.

  • Hi Sue!
    Thanks for your comment, congratulations on starting your healthy journey. Nordic walking is fantastic exercise, good for you! Don’t worry about what other people think at all, you are doing this for you and your opinion is the only one that matters. Keep your head up!

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