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One of the biggest motivators for me has always been communicating with others on a similar journey to mine.  Following inspirational stories on Instagram, Weight Watchers Connect, Facebook Fitness Groups… whatever it takes!  When you help people, you feel good, and when it comes to weight loss and needing that extra company sometimes, I know the difference it can make.  I’m no doctor, no weight loss guru, no professional at all on the matter… but I am someone who’s been through the process and lived to tell the tale.  I’ve been in the denial phase, done the hiding food thing, been the grumpy person just starting out.  I’ve been the outcast, the fat friend, the bigger sister, the desperate person… I’ve even been that girl stuck in a dress in a fitting room.  I’ve also been successful in weight loss, and know how great it is when you make it to your goals.



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