Everyone’s favorite meal of the day!

When you wake up in the morning, whether you’re a leisurely person who likes to take their time to shake off those z’s and slowly get your day started, or you’re like me and give yourself all of 20 minutes to roll out of bed, brush teeth, down breakfast and run out the door… Fit Me Baby yummy breakfasts are sure to keep you going until lunch.

Eggs, whole grain toast, peanut butter, fruit, smoothies, protein pancakes… the options are endless.

You’ll notice that OATS are my go-to for breakfast.  They keep me satisfied and taste like desert… can you ask for anything better?  A recent study found that a 250 calorie serving of oatmeal for breakfast can result in reduced calorie intake at lunch.  With so many options for making oats and the convenience of being able to make them the night before and pop in the microwave the next day… I have to wonder why I didn’t discover them sooner.


Lunch should be fun.  Break your day up with a healthy meal to sustain your energy and keep you moving throughout the day.  For me, quick is key.  I want healthy, nutritious and filling for lunch.

Check out some of these recipes to keep you energized and feeling like you made a good decision on what to eat today.


Dinner is tough.  Whether you’re cooking for 2 (like I usually am), feeding a tribe of hungry kids before they head to soccer and dance practice, or you’re treating your solo-self, Fit Me Baby recipes are quick, easy, and healthy.  Most recipes can be simply tweaked to fit your needs or dietary preferences.

Inspired?  Put your own twist on things.  Substitute peppers for mushrooms, add your own flavor to things.  Cooking can stir up creativity, and what better place to innovative than the fuel you put into your body to keep you living a healthy lifestyle?